Liz Prince

Makes Comics


Group Exhibitions

Doodle, Nave Gallery, Somerville MA, February 2014
Cats & Cartoonists, Orbital Comics, London July 2013
The Funnies: A Comics Show, Benna’s Cafe, Philadelphia PA, March 2013
The Rad Show, The Picture Place, Brookline MA, March 2013
How Much Art Can You Take? A DIY Punk Art Exhibit, VLHS, Pomona CA, February 2013
Atomic Books/Celebrated Summer Anniversary Art Show, Baltimore MD, April 2012
A Picture’s Worth: Contemporary Graphic Novel Artists, UMASS Lowell, Lowell MA, February 2012
Jackets & Sleeves, Atomic Books, Baltimore MD, October 2011
Hot Cakes, Bloc 11 Cafe, Somerville MA, December 2010
Inappropriate Touching, Washington Street Art Center, Somerville MA, February 2008
Four Squares, Diesel Cafe, Somerville MA, July 2006

Solo Exhibitions

Orbital Comics, London, February 2014
Molten Java, Bethel CT, February 2014
Square One Coffee, Lancaster PA, February 2014
Lorem Ipsum Books, Cambridge MA, February 2014