Dearest friends!

Today is the day that issue #4 of Coady and The Creepies is released into the wild!  It’s the end of this mini-series, but certainly not the end of the story: would you like to see more adventures with Coady, Corey, and Criss?  I would sure like to write them!  But we need to prove that enough of you out there want to read them.

I know that a lot of folks are waiting until the collected trade paperback of this series comes out to dive in, but by that time, our fate will be sealed!  If you’ve been waiting for all of the issues of the mini-series to be out so you can read them all at once, please go out to your local comic shop and by them NOW, instead of waiting until October!  If your local shop doesn’t have them, they can most likely special order them for you, and if they can’t special order them, you can get them yourself by ordering them directly from BOOM! Studios!

Don’t let the Creepies die (even though one of them is already dead)!  Run out and read all about their quest to complete pinmageddon TODAY!