Hello! Long time, no talk! I apologize for the silence from me on this website, and on the internet in general. One of my goals in 2016 is to be more active online, especially as far as posting comics to lizprincepower.com is concerned.

So what better way to redeem myself in the eyes of my loyal fans than to put a new collection of diary comics up for sale in my revamped WEBSTORE? I drew a diary strip for every day in April, and a chunk of my month was spent with Portland comics queen Nicole J. Georges, helping her dog get eye surgery! We collaborated on a comic about the trip we took from NYC to Portland to Seaview WA to Seattle, and it just seemed to make sense that we combine our efforts by adding me to the long-standing journal comic split Invincible Summer/Clutch!

In this handsome 56pp book you’ll get brand new comics from me, new comics from Nicole, new comics from me AND Nicole, and new comics from Clutch, offset printed in purple ink, sold for the low price of $6!

And if that doesn’t tempt you, here are the first four comics of my April 2015, to whet your appetite.


Thanks, as always, for reading!