jan19Another excerpt from my daily comics project, which you can subscribe to on Patreon: I’m almost caught up to date with posting these, so they will start showing up only once a week after my next post (scheduled for Monday).

And I would like to take this opportunity to answer a question that I’ve gotten from several folks about the way the Patreon subscription works:  When you sign up for the print subscription (in the $7 + per month category), you will get a collection of monthly comics sent to your house starting the month that you sign up.  Patreon charges you for your pledges on the 1st of the month, so if you sign up in March, your first issue will be the March issue, which is sent out mid April (because a payment from you won’t be processed until April 1st).  I have been asked if new subscribers to the print edition will have the opportunity to acquire previous month’s print issues that they might have missed.  This was not an easy decision for me, because my intention with these books is to only print as many as subscribers I have, but I’m also a collector and a completest myself, so I can understand the benefit of making prior issues available to new-comers.  This is what I have decided to do: new print pledges will have the option of purchasing back issues, but the back issues will not have the colored cardstock cover, and will not be a numbered version of the book.  So if you show up late to the party, you can still get a consolation prize!  And as always, the digital subscription tier is available at any time, and is an easy, less expensive way to jump into this project!

Anyway, I’ve been looking into different printing and paper options, and I’m gearing up to put January’s comics to press early next week!