My friends at Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club have published a collection of my comics from the website If You Make It and the punk magazine Razorcake, and it is now available to be pre-ordered at your local comic shop through Diamond!  If you would like a copy of the book, please go to your favorite comic shop before the end of October and ask them to order one for you (and perhaps suggest that they should have some for the shelves, as well?)!

Here’s all the info you’ll need:

Soft-cover, full-color cover, 64 pages b&w; 7″ x 9″; 7oz
$10; SILVER #070

ISBN: 978-1-945509-06-3
Diamond: STL065606

Some of you might be thinking “Hey, what gives?  I’ve got this book already! It’s not “NEW”!”, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but you also wouldn’t be right.  BYOBB came out in April, but the distribution through traditional comic shop channels was delayed: now it will be available in comic shops, and it will also have a BRAND NEW COVER!  I can’t show you that cover yet, but here is the current cover that you may recognize:


If you don’t want to wait until December, when the book will be available in comic shops, you can order a copy with this cover directly from Silver Sprocket at this LINK!  All orders come with a cool Liz Bat sticker!

Anyway, the point is, grab this book before it grabs you!