Hello friends!

I know it’s been a very long time since I’ve written a dispatch to you from this here website, but that’s because I’ve hated the old website for quite some time! And today I’m proud to introduce to the new internet home for all things Liz Prince: www.lizprincecomics.com! New url, new site design, renewed interest in using the internet as a means to spread the word of Liz.

Big thanks to my super pal Jordyn Bonds of Skybondsor for diligently turning my vague ideas into a workable website! You should check out her app TallyLab if you, like me, need to keep track of your projects, workout routines, and how many times in a week your cats throw up, all while knowing that your data isn’t being sold to anyone!

So welcome to my new internet home: update your bookmarks to reflect my url change, and ENJOY!