Hello out there in internet-land,

I spent the last few days putting together the bound version of February’s daily comics for my Patreon print subscribers, and I thought you’d enjoy a peek, even if you aren’t going to receive a copy (and if we’re being honest, I’m hoping to tempt you into subscribing alongside the 100+ folks who already have!  And yes, if you sign up for a print subscription, you will have the opportunity to purchase the back issues that you missed, because I am a peach.)

Front cover!
Back cover!

It might be hard to tell in the photos, but the cover stock is metallic purple; I want to use a different cover color for each month, and hopefully that cover will reflect so aspect of that month.  I chose metallic purple for February because of Valentine’s Day (which never really plays an important role in my life, but I can’t get the imagery out of my head), coupled with the fact that it was our snowiest month, but that I also went on vacation to Florida.  I felt like sparkly purple kind of conveyed two things that are polar opposites (pun intended): snow & sun.  The cover is based on the novelty postcards sold in tropical climates showing pictures of people in the snow, labeled “YOU” and people on the beach, labeled “ME”; in this case, I got to be both (and I love snow, so I was pretty damn happy about it!)



Unfortunately working with metallic cover stock created several challenges, but the in-depth process post about this book is reserved for my Patreon backers, so you should probably head over there and sign up already!

Don’t you want to add your name to this avalanche of envelopes that’s going to crush me every month?!