Ahoy-hoy friends!

We’ve been granted an extra day this year, and it’s the perfect, last-minute opportunity for you to sign up for my Patreon comic subscription to get February’s comic as the numbered edition!  If you’re unfamiliar with this project, I’m drawing a comic every day this year, compiling monthly collections that I make into lovingly hand-crafted zines, to send to folks who have pledged money on Patreon.  There are several tiers of the subscription, including a digital-only option that is a little lighter on the wallet, but I tried to make the prices as inexpensive as possible, and all tiers are offered at a sliding-scale, pay what you can rate.

Here’s a glimpse of what the comics have been like so far, from my weekly free offerings:

jan_febIt’s like peering into my life with binoculars!  This is what the first booklet looks like:


And these booklets are not available anywhere else; you have to sign up on Patreon to get them! Talk about an exclusive club!  So consider this a friendly public service announcement: sign up before March 1st to start your subscription with the February issue (which may or may not have a purple sparkly cover)!

Thanks for the support!  I’m having a great time with this project!