Tomboy is in the semifinal round of voting for the goodreads Choice Awards, up against 19 other very worthy contenders for the title of best graphic novel of 2014.  It would be a big deal for Tomboy to win this award, but it will be difficult, as a book with a small publisher and much more limited publicity and distribution reach.  But you can help, in fact, you can make all the difference by simply voting for Tomboy.  Your vote can help bring greater awareness to this memoir about gender stereotypes and bullying, a book that subversively handles a very serious social issue.


Please take the time to vote on goodreads, and if you don’t have a goodreads account, you can easily make one (and honestly, goodreads is a really fun website for readers to rate and review books).  While you’re there, please consider rating and/or reviewing Tomboy if you haven’t already: if you add your voice, the book can be carried further.  I’m also taking taking questions about any of my books on my author page.  Check it out!