Good news everyone!  This weekend I put together my first monthly comic collection for my Patreon print subscribers, and I’m very happy with how the finished product came out!  I started doing this daily journal comic project as a way to break out of an intense writer’s block that I’ve been suffering since the completion of my graphic novel Tomboy, and as a way to get back into the habit of self-publishing, which is a practice that means a lot to me.  So far this has been a success on all fronts!  Not only am I motivated to draw these comics, but doing so has motivated me to be better about other aspects of my life and career that were lagging.  Holding this book in my hands yesterday, and putting 70 of them in envelopes to send to my print subscribers, was such a gratifying feeling, but don’t take my word for it, just look at these beauties!

This is the finished booklet. The covers are white cardstock which I trimmed myself to make them full bleed. I sized them to be one strip per page, and to fit into a standard size envelope for easy shipping.


This is what the book looks like open from the front.
Here you can see how the cover opens up to be one continuous image (and the reason I slaved over a paper cutter to make these covers full bleed).

This is a project that I will be doing for the ENTIRE YEAR, and I will welcome new subscribers at any time, so if you want to sign up to receive a similarly crafted book in your mailbox each month, visit my patreon page to view the details!  New print subscribers will have the option to purchase any monthly books they may have missed when they sign up for a new subscription*, but the only way to get these books is to subscribe on patreon, so head over there and join!


*these books will likely have different colored cardstock than the original print runs, and will not be part of the numbered edition, but for the completest, they will likely suffice!